• Tasty Beverages For The Hcg Diet

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    February 27, 2021 /  Chef and Recipes

    We know it can be tough giving up sodas, juices and lattes. With the vast array of Stevia liquid sweeteners on the market, HCG dieters have all they need to replace their old high-calorie beverages with new healthy choices. We want to share a few of our favorite drink recipes to jazz up your new healthy life.

    Old beverage Starbucks Blended Coffee or Frappucino

    New beverage HCG Mint Chocolate Coffee Smoothie

    6 ounces strong brewed coffee chilled
    Peppermint Stevia
    Dark or milk chocolate Stevia
    teaspoon de-fatted powdered cocoa (Wondercocoa)
    Ice cubes
    1 tablespoon milk (optional)
    Blend ingredients together until smooth. Serve with a mint leaf garnish

    Makes 1 serving

    Old Beverage Diet Soda

    New Beverage Homemade HCG Diet Soda

    8 ounces sparkling mineral water
    Your choice of 3-5 tablespoons fresh orange, lemon, or apple juice (fresh squeezed only)
    Add flavored Stevia to sparkling mineral water to taste. The most common choices are orange, grape, lemon, vanilla, chocolate and root beer. There are many flavors of Stevia on the market.
    Add fresh lemon or lime juices and slices to make a lemon lime flavor.
    Get creative. Try combining flavors like orange and vanilla to create a Dreamsicle soda.

    Makes 1 serving

    Old Beverage Mojito

    New Beverage HCG Virgin Sparkling Mojito

    Fresh mint leaves crushed
    Juice of of a lime or lemon
    Peppermint or plain powdered Stevia
    6 ounces sparkling mineral water
    Crushed ice
    Crush mint leaves to release the flavor. Add liquid or powdered Stevia and lemon or lime juice. Add sparkling mineral water and crushed ice. Top with a sprig of mint and enjoy.

    Makes 1 serving

    Old Beverage Strawberry Smoothie

    New Beverage HCG Strawberry Smoothie

    1 handful frozen strawberries
    Flavored or powdered Stevia (try vanilla or milk chocolate liquid Stevia)
    1 tablespoon milk (optional)
    Ice cubes
    Blend together and serve in a tall glass. Garnish with a strawberry, lemon slice or mint leaf if desired.

    Makes 1 serving (1 fruit)

    Old Beverage Lemonade

    New Beverage HCG Lemonade

    Juice of of a lemon
    Stevia to taste
    8 ounces water (plain or sparkling mineral water)
    Squeeze lemon juice into a glass. Add the rind of the lemon, Stevia, water and ice.

    Makes 1 serving

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