• Classification Of Gas Cooking Stoves In Its Primary Types

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    November 20, 2021 /  Chef and Recipes

    It is definitely a real challenge when you are in charge of cooking at home or being a chef at a restaurant or food joint. Many times a situation arises when you are asked to cook food for the whole family when you are managing the kitchen work at home or for general public at large when you are managing the kitchen at a restaurant or a food joint. Whenever you are been given the job of cooking for big occasion, a great emphasis is to be laid on the space where you have to carry out this job of yours. If you use gas stove for cooking, you need to take into account the different kinds of gas stoves to take care of the space aspect.

    Traditionally, gas cooking stoves were available in small, medium and big sizes. The common purpose they serve is to cook food or heat water too. However, over the new years, the varying types of gas stoves with a lot of different features have come up in the market. With the continuous improvement in technology, engineering and design, it is believed that gas stoves will continue to diversify with more and more attractive characteristics.

    The three basic types of gas stoves are the standard gas stove, gas stove with oven and the junior gas stove.

    A standard cooking stove goes by with its name. It does not have any fancywork, additional compartment. It is just a gas stove with four necessary furnace spots where you can cook.

    This type of gas cook stove is almost certainly the most popular type of gas stove as it solves multiple purposes of all types of gas cooking ranges. This is so because apart from having the standard furnace spots, it is also connected with a gas oven beneath where you can do your baking, and so on.

    There also come the gas stoves which are smaller in size as compared to the standard gas stove as one can also figure out from its name. It comes with a single burner and is particularly useful when you are going for an outdoor trip.

    The basic type of gas stove is the two burner gas stove which was quite popular in earlier days but as the time went by and more and more of the people including women started working, this lost significance. To fasten the cooking process, three burner gas stove and gas stoves with multiple burners came in the market and gained a lot of popularity. At present either people use a gas stove with multiple burners with or without an oven.

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