The Volga- Don Navigation Canal
The 10-th Canal connects two great rivers of Europe: the Don and the Volga. The first person who wanted to connect them was cultan Selim-II. He ordered his Army consisting of 22000 soldiers to make a canal. They tried to fullfil that plan but it failed.
In 1697 Peter the First made an attempt to connect the Don and the Volga. He asked the foreign specialists to help. But in 1701 the works with the canal were stopped, because Russia was worried about the war with Sweden.
It was the third time when we returned to the topic of the Volga-Don Canal was in 1920. The best place where they could connect them was Tsaritsin. It`s building was stopped by the Great Patriotic War. But 1944 they returned to the project again. In 1948 the structure was revived and lasted to 4,5 years.
On May, 31, 1952 the Volga and the Don were connected. The Canal was named after the leader of proletariat V. Lenin. The Canal starts from the Krasnoarmeysky District and finishes at Kalatch –on – Don (a small town in a surburb). The height of the ache here is about 40 m. The length of the Canal is 101 km. There are 13 sluices here. If a ship comes from the Volga to the Don, it has to come through 9 sluices and get up at the height of 88 m. above the Volga. After that movement it passes 4 sluices and comes down 44 m. down to the Don. It takes about 10 -12 hours. The distance among the sluices (along the Volga river) is about 700 m and among the Don ones – 20 km. The Volga – Don Canal uses the Don`s water. Three water – keepers were built here: Karpovskoy, Bereslavskoy, Varvarovskoy. Huge pumps let the water go to Varvarovsky water – keeper and then it goes down to the Volga and the Don. The navigation lasts for 211 days. So Volgograd is a port of five seas.
On the tanks of the canal one can see a lot of settlements for the people who work here. Artificial irrigation helped people in the steppe to get water.
A memorial lightship was erected at the entrance of the Volga – Don Canal. It`s height is about 26 m. It is decorated with cast iron booms of the old ships. One side of the lightship has an inscription: “Glory to the Volzhsky Navy that defended Tsaritsin in 1918 – 1919 and Stalingrad in 1942 – 1943”.
The first sluice of the canal finishes with the embankment which leads to Lenin`s monument.
After opening a canal a great monument to I. Stalin (40 m. over the Volga) was erected. But in 1961 the monument was taken away and 27 m. sculpture to Lenin appeared here. This monument is in the Genesses records because it is the largest one to a person who really lived.
The sight of the Volga – Don Canal. The length of the embankment is about 1200 m.
Near the first sluice of the canal in Krasnoarmoysky District there is a 4-storeyed governing building with some offices.
On the lift from the governing building you can find a very interesting museum. You have got an opportunity to see there a skeleton of a mammoth, teeth of a big shark, pangolin`s remains B.C. There exhibits were found during the building of the canal.
The 8-storeyed hotel Volga – Don is situated on the embankment as well.
An exclusive photo. The monument to Chmhkyan V. A. was erected on the territory of the first sluice in 2007. He was the leading engineer while building the canal. The he became the first director of it and had been occupying this post for 28 years.

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