The Central Embankment
A Fountain with the composition “Arts” in the centre of it was erected in 1957 on the upper terrace of the Central Embankment. The composition presents 3 dancing girls in national dresses.
Then there is a staircase with two white propylons on both sides of it.
This is rotunda.
There is a monument to Holsunov V.S. not far from the rotunda. He was born in Tsaritsin in 1905 was a commader of air-brigade that fought in Span. He fell down in July, 1939. The monument was erected in 1940. A bronze sculpture 3,85 m in height is on the granite pedestal of 4,5 m. This monument is unique as well cause it survived during war bombing.
Here on the upper terrace of the embankment there is a monument to the greatest Russian Tsar – Peter-I.
The monument to the fire – brigade ship “Gasitel” was opened in November, 1977 on the lower terrace of the central embankment. It was built in 1903 and called “Tsarev” till 1926. It served as a fire-ship till 1966, participated in Tsaritsin defence, tock part in Stalingrad Battle.
Volgograd river station is considered to be the greatest river station of Europe. It is situated on the Central Embankment. It`s length is 296 m (the same one Red Square in Moscow has), width – 36 m, height – 47 m. The spacious of the waiting – hall is 700 people.
Volgograd Music Theatre was built in 1952 on the upper terrace. In 1992 after a long reconstruction it was opened anew.

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