Museum – Panorama ”Stalingrad Battle”
Not far from Pavlov House there is State historical memorial museum “Stalingrad Battle”. This museum exhibits military equipment that is demonstrated in the open air. You can see famous Soviet “Katusha” (a military car with reactive artillery) here.
122-mm howitzer, model 1938.
The guns of different calibers, which were produced in the period of the war.
Howitzers of the war years.
Fighting kitchen.
Aircraft – Fighter.
Troop train is on the siding.
The war train consists of platforms with guns and tanks, carriages for soldiers. It is written on the carriages: “Everything for the front. Everything for the victory”.
The monument to the tank-men. It is written on the memorial plate: “Glory to the tank-men”.
The ruins of Grudinina mill is in the centre of the complex. The mill was built in 1903. It is the only building left after bombing of Stalingrad. The ruins of the mill were left untouched as a monument to courage and heroism of the Soviet Union.
A column with the inscription: ”By the call of Motherland and party the Soviet people came here to defend freedom and honor of the people, the achievements of Great October. Here, on this land, they turned the way of the fare, made it go from darkness to light, from slavery to freedom, from death to life”.
On the other side of the column we can read the words said by I. Stalin: “It was the dawn of the German fascist Army”.
Nearby the memorial there is a monument to the victims of political repressions.
Marshal Zhukov`s monument is in front of the museum – panorama ”Stalingrad Battle”.
Entrance to the museum – panorama ”Stalingrad Battle”
A bronze composition of there great leaders of the war period: Churchill, Rusevelt and Stalin meet at summit in Sochi in 1945. It is an important exibit of the museum.
Fragments of cloth ”Stalingrad Battle”.
The employees of the museum gathered exhibits of the war period: military form, photos, personal armament.

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