Memory Park
The first monument to the Volgorad fighters fell down in Afghanistan was established in our city 1989. It starts with the memory tomb with the inscription: “To military men of the Volgograd region fullfiling their international service in Afganistan in 1979 – 1989”.
More than 5 thousand military men from Volgograd took part in the fights in Afganistan. They served in different Army detachments. But not all of them returned home. On February, 15,2005 a new monument was opened to honour their memory. It consists of 10 granite stellas. They are organized in a circle. It symbolizes our help to Afganistan people. It lasted for 10 years.
Every stella symbolizes a year of the war will the names of fallen military men. In 1979 only 2 Volgograders fell down in Afghanistan and in 1980 their number was 18.On the whole we can read the names of 147 young soldiers who fell down for Afghanistan and freedom of its people.
In centre of this circle a sculpture for the fighter internationalist is planned to be erected.
Nearby a small church to honour the memory of the fallen fighters in Afghanistan would be built.

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