Ludnikov Island
Today on the Ludnikov Island there is a memorial complex. In 1955 a column with a bronze plate was erected here. You can read such an inscription: “In November – December 1942 the front line of defence of the 138-th Division under the command of Colonel Ludnikov was here. It was half-surrounded by the fascists but heroically defended the territory called “Ludnikov Island”. Division rejected all enemies attacks and took part in defeat of the German troops at Stalingrad.
The 3 brother`s graves are situated. Two of them are in the park. About 1000 soldiers was buried in one of them but there is no information about the rest ones. The monuments were erected in 1951 and in 1995 they became marble.
The third brother`s grave is on the bank of the Volga. People`s guards from the plant “Barrikadi” are buried here. It is written here: “Eternal glory to the heroes who fell down in the fights for freedom and independence of our Motherland”. The monument was constructed in 1951.
Here the grave of signallers of the 138-th Division is situated. The monument was erected in 1952.
There is one more monument to the signallers which is called ”Rolic”. It is written on the memorial plate: “In 1942 on the bank of Volga 4 hero – signalers Vetoshkin, Kusminskiy, Harazia and Kolosovoy (their call sign was “Rolik”) kept the signal post and retreated attacks of the enemy for 6 weeks”.
The house of director ”Barrikadi”s plant was situated here. A command headquarter was there during the war. The ruins of the house are kept untouched. There is a memorial table on of the walls.
And in 1975 a marble monument was erected in front of the house with the inscription: ”The command headquarter of the 138-th Division was situated in this house”.
In January 2008 a 10-m high Orthodox Cross was erected and consecrated on Ludnikov Island.
Tank towers on Ludnikov Island mark the front line of Stalingrad defence.
For the full explanation what was going on here in 1942 -1943 a monument with the plan of defence by 138-th Division was erected.
There is one more memorial mark on ludnikov Island in honor of a Komsomol member Nikolay Petuchov who was a brave scout and killed 20 German invaders. He was awarded an order of Red Banner fell down on December, 6, 1942.
In May 2002 not far from the football club ”Rotor” a park in honor of soldiers of the 138-th Division was planted.

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