Lisaya Gora
On this height (called 140,6) the 64-th Army was fighting with the fascists. This land is covered with machine-gun emplacements, the remnant of bombs and mines. These are greatest witnesses of Stalingrad Battle. This square is about 4 sq. km, not more but several thousand Russians fell down here. They were real heroes. November, 5, 1968 a 20-meter obelisk was erected on the top of the mountain. And the inscription on it: “We wish only peace to the future generations, glory to you, we honour your memory. You are with us forever”.
Nearby you can see on the memorial plate a plan of the 64-th Army actions from the 10-th of January till the 2-nd of February of 1943.
Not far from the obelisk one can find a brother`s tomb to the fighters of 64-th Army who fill down during Stalingrad Battle. The monument was erected in 1973.
A Christianity Cross was erected at the Brothers Tomb to honour the memory of the fallen fighters. They died defending Russia.
One can see small stone pyramids along the road where Russian soldiers had hand-to-hand fightings with the fascists.

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