Lenin Square
In the centre of the square there is a monument to V.I. Lenin on the granite pedestal. This bronze sculpture of 9 m in height was erected in 1960.
Not far from Lenin`s monument there is a brother`s grave to the fighters of the 23-d Division and 10-th Division of NKVD. The granite monument was erected in 1959. It is written on the column: “Your deeds are immortal. Your glory will outlive centuries. Your Motherland will remember you forever August – January 1943”.
The memorial wall of Pavlov House was opened in 1965 in honor of Stalingrad defenders. In September, 1942 this house was occupied by sergeant. I Pavlov and his battle-friends who were defending the house for 58 days and nights and didn`t let the enemy capture the house.
In May, 1985 on the other side of Pavlov House a new memorial wall was opened. It was erected by the youth of our city on the 40-th anniversary of Great Victory. There is an inscription here: “Labour and war deeds combined in this house. We`ll defend you, dear Stalingrad”.
Opposite Lenin monument the House of officers is situated.

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