Churches in Volgograd
Kazan Cathedral was built between 1897 – 1899 in a new Russian style. It was sanctified on August, 23, 1899. The Cathedral was built in the style of eclectic. It was a characteristic feature of the 19-th century. Heavy times came with the Soviet power. At first unique things and icons were taken away and in 1939 it was closed. A bread production factory was opened here. In 1942 -43 the Cathedral was seriously damaged. The Church was newly rebuilt in 1946 by the request of the people. In 1954 Kazan Church was named Cathedral of Kazan God – Mother. It is considered that she can protect our Motherland in hard times. According to the legend this icon protected Moscow from the Polish invasion. It protected Moscow from the Germans who intruded into our territory in 1941 and helped in the fight at Stalingrad in 1943 before a decisive struggle. This Cathedral attracts many foreign guests who can see its greatness with their own eyes.
The Church of Nikita – Confessor It was built in 1782 – 1795 in honour of Nikita Confessor. It was built by Nikita Aphanasjevich Beketov. He was a general from Astrachan (a city on the Volga), a governor of these lands that belonged to him. A wonderful palace under the name “Otrada” was built here. Nowadays we can see only the church of his divine protector. Nikita Church is an example of cathedral building in the style of real classicism. It has stone walls and a wooden dome. In the 50-th it was newly painted by Moscow artists. This Cathedral is a masterpiece of Russian architecture and is protected by the State.
The Church of Paraskeva Pjatnitsa was built in 1914 – 1915 by a Merchant V.F. Lapshin. He did it for his beloved wife Paraskeva who died rather young and for his elder son – a suicider. During the ruling of the Soviet Government a working club for yourth was there. When the Great Patriotic War started there was a nails shop different stores a shelter for homeless children and a toys factory. During Stalingrad bombing it doesn’t suffer. And more a lot of lives were saved thanks to its basement. There was a military store there after the war. And only in 1991 this building was returned to the Russian Church in a poor condition. Nowadays rebuilt thanks to god – believers under the protection of Divine Paraskeva.
The Church of Ioanna Predtichi  is on the central embankmen on the Volga. It was the first church of Tsaritsin. The first wooden building appeared here in 1664. The stone one was erected in 1704. It was destroyed and closed during the Soviet power times. A modern restaurant occupied this place. It is called “Majak”.But Volgograd Diocese had a desire to revive this church as a symbol of Christianity in Russia. It was decided not destroy the restaurant “Majak”. So the church was built nearby. In 1995 the first its stone was sanctified. And on the Easter of 2001-st the first service took place here. Nowadays the church has its former sight.

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