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    Celebrity chefs have changed us and our attitude to food forever. They have had a huge cultural and social impact on the UK, and together they have created an industry worth hundreds of millions of pounds. When you are a real foodie, you really appreciate kitchen items that have an iconic status those kitchen products that look so stylish and just scream quality. Celebrity Chefs know exactly which products can have the kitchen icon badge bestowed upon them and we see them being used in their shows on a regular basis.

    Cooking has always been Gordons passion and his no-nonsense approach in the kitchen is legendary. This award-winning chef knows just what it takes to get those kitchen tasks done quickly and easily. Using high quality kitchen appliances is a must – and now you can confidently step up to the plate with the exciting new Gordon Ramsay Professional range of kitchen appliances, designed to give you and your kitchen that all-important cutting edge. The Gordon Ramsay Professional range boasts a stunning collection of professional food preparation products in a sleek stainless steel finishand theyre tough, just like the man himself!

    TV Chef James Martin has teamed up with Wahl to produce a comprehensive product range consisting of 14 products. This range combines high quality and value to provide precision products. Each product has been thoroughly tested by James and has been designed to his exacting specifications. James Says “I am excited that this range will fill a gap in the market, in terms of style, build, quality and use. Enjoy! Love James”.

    Jamie Oliver has teamed up with Tefal to make a new range of electrical kitchen appliances. The line-up includes a liquidiser, food processor and multifunctional grill. The gadgets are styled in black and stainless steel and designed to make cooking easier and your kitchen more stylish, according to Tefal.

    George Foreman Grills boast on being the home of convenient, healthier cooking, delivering great tasting meals to suit everyones taste buds. Grills by The George Foreman help you dramatically cut down on your fat intake while still being able to eat all your favourite meals. These grills have taken UK by storm and sold over 100 million grills worldwide.

    Professional Kitchenware range by Celebrity Chefs like Jamie Oliver, James Martin, Gordon Ramsay and George Foreman will not only bring a great new look to your kitchen but also bring that expert finish to your cooking. These appliances sport advanced features – guaranteed to make light work of any kitchen task. Now youve got the right kitchen tools, its down to you.

    You can find a style and design that fulfills all your needs from our wide range of Celebrity Chef Appliances by Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver.

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