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    Kerala is among the celestial destinations of India which is known throughout the world for its mesmerizing backwaters, sun kissed beaches, panoramic hill stations and calm and serene natural ambiance. The amalgamated feature of this place makes it one of the well known destinations of the world. People from several parts of the globe come to this place to enjoy this land of enchanted beauty. One of Kerala’s popular attractions is its delicious cuisine. Cuisine of a particular place is a reflection of the culture of that place.

    Usually Kerala food is hot and spicy. Several fresh spices are used while food preparation that gives a unique aroma and flavor to the food. Coconut either chopped or grated, or its milk predominates almost all the dishes of this place. Apart from this various local vegetables such as cassava, tapioca and yam are also important ingredients of the Kerala cuisine. Some of the popular dishes of this place are:

    It is a well known traditional cuisine of Kerala. This is a vegetarian meal which is served with boiled rice and a number of other dishes. During special occasions and festivals Sadya is prepared with traditional methods. The best of part of this dish is that banana leaves are used as plates to serve. This provides distinct identity to this cuisine. A typical Sadya is served with Bittergourd thoran, Lime Pickle, Buttermilk, Paayasam, Aviyal, Kaalan, and Sambar with Boiled rice in the center. It is the perfect cuisine that gives real taste of Kerala at one go. It is among the most sought after dishes due to its delectable taste and varieties.

    Unakka Kappa Vevichathu (Dry Yuca Cooked):
    It is other popular cuisine of Kerala because it is inexpensive and is widely available. It is made from Kappa/ Cassava/ Tapioca, which is a staple food of this place just like rice. This can be eaten in breakfast, evening snacks or dinner. Varieties of delectable dishes can be prepared from fresh Kappa among which the most popular one is Kappa kuzhachathu with meen curry. It can be prepared simply and easily served with Ulli chammanthi or Kanthari Mulaku (a kind of chilly) Chammanthi.

    Fish Curries:
    Among non-vegetarians, dishes of fish are most preferred ones. Here, one can choose from several varieties of fish food. The entire available recipes are known for their delectable taste. Fishes can be either fried, or made as curry or preserved as pickles. Some of the well known fish curries of the Kerala Menu are Thiruvananthapuram Style Fish Curry, Fish Curry in Coconut Milk, Meenmutta Ularthiyathu, Kunnamkulam Meen Curry and more.
    Some of the other well known lip smacking dishes of Kerala menu are Lime Rice, Rice Upma, Lime Ginger Squash, Spicy Mango Chutney, Double Bean Salad with Cottage and many more.

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