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    April 10, 2021 /  Chef and Recipes

    Leadership, management, and planning are the core features of Executive Chef job. Most employers prefer candidates those have prior experiences of food and labor control and economizing the costs involved. Basically the job is all about managing diverse environment.

    Executive Chef Job Features

    Demonstration cooking, pricing as well as development of culinary team in addition to menu development are some of the features of the Executive chef jobs. Supervising kitchen personnel, the executive chef carries out the responsibilities of hiring and disciplining them. To achieve this objective the chef carries out regular reviews and personnel management.

    Executive Chef Responsibilities

    Responsibilities entrusted to executive chef include-

    Training and management of kitchen personnel;

    Supervision and coordination of all related culinary activities;

    Estimating consumption of food and accordingly requisitioning and purchasing food;

    Selection and development of recipes to attract and satisfy customers;

    Standardization of production recipes ensuring consistent quality of the recipes;

    Establishment of high quality standards by planning and pricing of the menus;

    Ensuring proper equipment maintenance and operations; and

    Safety arrangements in the kitchen.

    Additional Responsibilities

    Additional responsibilities that are often entrusted to the executive chef include selection of items for cooking and also selection of special occasions for particular recipes. Organizing special catering events and offering culinary instructions and demonstration of culinary techniques are some of the major tasks that are often entrusted to them. Usually the executive chef will report to a food director in the organization.

    Required and Qualification and Experiences

    Major requirements for the executive chef would be management of diverse environments that would focus on the client as well as the customer services ensuring overall success of the organization. Previous experiences for control of food as well as labor costs, demonstration cooking, menu development, and pricing development could be great assets for the job of executive chef. Ideal educational qualification for the job would be bachelor’s degree or corresponding culinary degree and around eight to ten years of experience in the industry.

    Overview of Executive Chef Job

    Executive chef job description is all about management, planning and leadership in diverse environments. It not only includes recipe, event, and stores management but at the same time also involves human resource management in and around the kitchen. Understanding the job of the executive chef would help the prospective candidate to decide the path to follow in their career search in the field of corporate hospitality industry; the greatest absorber of the candidates in the field.

    Kitchen work in restaurants, hotels, corporate offices, canteens, lounges and all such places is just not about the bartender, receptionist, and dishwasher. Higher rated jobs of executive chef are also a part of it with higher responsibilities. becomes comparatively easier by viewing the offered on the State university website, one of the most informative website for career information.

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