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    Is it really healthy to drink alcoholic beverages? Contrary to what most believe, they can be healthy, as long as moderation is taken into account. Not all types of alcoholic beverages are healthy, but some are known to be beneficial when it comes to promoting good health.

    Of course, you want to know which alcoholic beverages we’re referring to. Beer, wine, tonic, and gin can be good for your health as long as they are consumed in moderation.

    Research and further studies also show that moderate or conscious drinkers tend to have lower incidences in the occurrence of various conditions. Research has also shown that moderate alcohol drinkers tend to live longer as compared to those who abuse or don’t drink at all.

    Here you will find a few examples of alcoholic beverages that can improve your overall well being:

    Wine has been considered one of the healthiest drinks in the world for many years. Red wine provides a rich source of flavonoids and others substances that are known to promote healing. One of the substances in wine, Resveratrol, increases HDL levels in the bloodstream and helps prevent clotting. Flavonoids are known to prevent the formation of plaque in the arteries which significantly reduces the risk of heart attack.

    Beer: Believe it or not, there are many benefits that can be had in drinking beer. Scientific studies show that drinking one glass a day for women and two glasses of beer per day for men drastically reduces chances for strokes, heart and other vascular diseases. On an average, beer contains 0mg of cholesterol, 0g of fat, about 13g carbohydrate, and 25mg of sodium protein, phosphorous, calcium, as well as vitamin B, B2 and B6. Drinking beer in moderation has also been known to promote relaxation as well as help individuals sleep better, leading to a more relaxed and energized feeling in the morning.

    Drinking cider in moderation boosts the body’s iron levels and protects against anemia. For example, just one pint of dry or sweet cider can provide the body with one fifth of the recommended daily amount of iron.

    So, can alcoholic beverages really be healthy? The answer is yes. But before you jump for joy because you’ve found another reason to celebrate your favorite your alcoholic drink, always remember one word – moderation.

    While admittedly alcohol may indeed promote health and longevity, abuse can also lead to problems which can include cirrhosis of the liver. So make sure that when you do drink, you never go past your limit. When it comes to alcohol, both ends of the spectrum can be dangerous. You can still enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverage but keeping to a glass per day would be ideal.

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